Saturday, June 29, 2013

My New Love......

Remember the "white" 1965 Singer Featherweight I purchased earlier this year?  Loved the hum of the little machine, but I really hated the off-white sort of celery green color. Sorry Featherweight purists, but I had to do something!

So after a lot of research I sent her off to Gerald Holmes in Hot Springs, Arkansas. His price was right, he promised fast turnaround, and he had good internet recommendations. Et Voila! She has come back after a little more than a month with her lovely "Lexus Pearl White" finish (he uses automotive paints - you choose). Here she is below resplendant in her gold Singer decals...
 I finished a whole baby baby quilt top on her last weekend and loved working on her fitted into my Sew Ezi table upstairs in our son's old room with its leafy green views of the neighborhood. (He lives and works in Nashville so he will never know.....)
 I had to make her a special cover - loved this pearl gray fabric from Sew Modern here in LA  with abstract thread spools....
  - which I embroidered with her name --- "Pearl"

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blue Plate Special II off to Houston......

Got the word last week that my "Blue Plate Special II" will be going off to IQF Houston to be part of the new "What's For Dinner" show this fall. The show curated by Jamie Fingal features place mat sized quilts featuring answers to her favorite Facebook question. Rumor has it that they are going to try to display these on an actual table. What a cool idea!

My offering includes digital imagery of my great-grandmother's silver tomato server and an actual linen napkin along with a painted, thread painted and trapunto'd digital image of last summer's
 heirloom tomato bounty on a  pieced background .
Hope to be there in person to see the show!

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  1. I LOVE this color wheel! It makes me so happy and of course the quilting is stunning as usual. Thanks for sharing.
  2. It glows! And your quilting is wonderful!
  3. ohhh if that box of thread comes up missing - don't check my house (grin)! I haven't worked with silk but its on my list of things to do. Make sure you post your artist statement. So many times I read them at exhibits and I think - OMG what the heck are they saying - LOL!!!
    1. Silk is the yummiest thread of all Give it a try... Thanks for your nice comment.