Friday, October 13, 2017

Dresses made from acrylic paint? Faux Patisserie As Sculpture?

See these gorgeous lacy wedding dresses on view right now at the Palm Desert Museum in Rancho Mirage California?  Would you in a million years think they were completely made with acrylic paint? Sculptress Pat Lash manipulates acrylic paint in a multitude of amazing ways to make free standing sculptures in the round. She brushes out sheets of paint, forms paint in lace inspired silicone molds and extrudes specially formulated paint through cake decorating nozzles (her father was a professional baker!) to form these haunting figures sculptures then artfully embellished with crystals, pearls and beads.

She takes the cake decorating technique even further to fashion miniature and full size pastry confections which are highly collectible and have been shown at museums such as New York’s MOMA. 

Absolutely amazing, beautifully haunting! The perfect cap to a few days away with my husband and friends in Palm Desert working on quilting projects, relaxing by the pool and eating a lot of great food.  An extra treat - a trip up the mountain to the little village of Idyllwild in the pines for the local guild quilt show. 

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