Friday, August 23, 2013

A lot of Green......

Remember last time I wrote about a shibori silk dying class with Diane Ricks at IQF Long Beach? One piece I made seemed to call out to be made into a quilt.  Here it is again below - a little more vivid in the classroom than when I got home and rinsed it thoroughly.

Since it was sheer silk chiffon I decided to back it with a piece of white cotton for an opaque and more substantial top for free motion quilting - sticking it down temporarily with 505 spray. I layered it with wool batting and an ecological themed printed cotton on the back and then decided to let myself go with all the shades of silk thread I had in tones of green and light to medium blue....
This was a very freeing experience - and loads of sheer fun - just doodling around with very fine thread at a good rate of speed. I divided the top according to lines of color in the dying and then filled them with all the fill patterns I could think of ...
Strata of color started to emerge with a lot of texture and I rather like the result. The area towards the bottom right seemed to lend itself to a large pattern, so I threw in a fantasy feather as well.
Below is the final result - not yet cropped or faced. That's now done, but not photographed yet. I'll wait for a day when I can concentrate on getting a really great image and maybe enter this is in show or exhibit, but under what title? I've got a few ideas, but would love suggestions. Maybe I'll add some beads - what do you think?

Leave me a comment and give me a good idea for a "green title" - something that will tie in with the predominant shades of green and the theme print on the back. 

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

International Quilt Festival Long Beach - Come and Gone

The 2013 and the last International Quilt Festival Long Beach has come and gone in a flash and I am just now getting down to getting photos out of my camera.

I spent two days - one day on Thursday in two half day classes and one day on the floor of the show doing the vendors seeing the quilts,  meeting friends and fellow artists while manning the Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists exhibit. . I actually bought very little in the show - one yard of great striped watercolorish fabric, a new Super Slider and some Superior thread. I thought the vendors were fewer and less interesting than in previous years, though I did ooh and ah over an Handiquilter Sweet 16 (again).

However, the quilts were great - some fabulous shows including the Dinner at Eight Artists "An Exquisite Moment" and SAQA's Seasonal Palette .  I was honored to be included int Quilts on The Wall Fiber Artist's show "Maps" with my quilt "A La Carte". There are some photos of that show below .


I also enjoyed seeing Tactile Architecture 2013 which included my quilt "Rainy Day San Francisco". It debuted in Houston last October and has been traveling around the country. I was glad to be able to say goodby to my quilt which has been sold and will now be going home with its new owner. An unexpectedly emotional leave taking...

 My two classes were with Diane Ricks from the San Diego area. In the morning she gave us 3 yards of silk chiffon, a whole table of acid dyes and shibori folding, tying and manipulating instructions. I split mine into three pieces and was pleasantly surprised at what I came up with. I've taken two pieces and rolled the hems for scarves, the other piece I've layered and am currently free motion quilting. Stay tuned if it comes out.... Some of the other participants' large pieces were extraordinary! 

Some of Diane's own work as examples for class.  

The dye table. The Acid dyes are brilliantly colored and don't need soda ash. 
You use white vinegar to set them

Above piece may turn into a quilt... 
Another piece I've edged as a scarf.


One of the wonderful large pieces done by a classmate.

We are all so sorry that IQF Long Beach will not be returning. It's been a great five years giving local quilters opportunities to show their work, take fabulous classes from big name instructors and meet and share with other artists. I'll miss it.....