Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why Can't I Go Along with My Quilts?

Check out Nina Marie Sayre's Off the wall Friday's at http://ninamariesayre.blogspot.com.

This morning Quilts, Inc., the promoters of International Quilt Festivals around the country sent me this cute little badge to use online on Facebook, etc to advertise my quilts being shown it the upcoming Quilt Festival Chicago in a few weeks.

So all of you in the Midwest have an opportunity to see the two quilts I have in two Special Exhibits "Tactile Architecture" and "In Full Bloom". Mated for Life and Bella Camellia are shown below as I photographed them as they were hanging at Houston. Terrible photos, but the best I could do given crowds and lighting.

So if you can't be in Chicago, maybe Savannah or Denver intrigues you? Some more of my pieces are part of two Quilts on the Wall traveling exhibits being shown on the Mancuso circuit at Quiltfest New Jersey (just past) Quiltfest Destination Savannah (3/26-29) and the Denver National Quilt Show in late April. "Windowscape and "Forrest's Flowers" are in Appearances and "A La Carte" is in Maps.

I have nothing at Paducah this year (Had one accepted last year, but this year just a rejection letter - such is life...) but we'll be nearby visiting our son in Nashville the same week in April. Would love to be able to teleport. My quilts get to go around the country. I just wish I could go with them.