Saturday, June 29, 2013

My New Love......

Remember the "white" 1965 Singer Featherweight I purchased earlier this year?  Loved the hum of the little machine, but I really hated the off-white sort of celery green color. Sorry Featherweight purists, but I had to do something!

So after a lot of research I sent her off to Gerald Holmes in Hot Springs, Arkansas. His price was right, he promised fast turnaround, and he had good internet recommendations. Et Voila! She has come back after a little more than a month with her lovely "Lexus Pearl White" finish (he uses automotive paints - you choose). Here she is below resplendant in her gold Singer decals...
 I finished a whole baby baby quilt top on her last weekend and loved working on her fitted into my Sew Ezi table upstairs in our son's old room with its leafy green views of the neighborhood. (He lives and works in Nashville so he will never know.....)
 I had to make her a special cover - loved this pearl gray fabric from Sew Modern here in LA  with abstract thread spools....
  - which I embroidered with her name --- "Pearl"


  1. I've known about Gerald Holmes for some time now, and appreciate having your thumbs up on his work. Hmmmmm, maybe I will get my Agnes done up in metallic blue. Your Pearl is to die for. Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Cindy. the work was great and the price was right, but he is not the greatest communicator out there. You have to be pro-active by asking questions - did you receive? How long will it take? Is it finished? how will you return to me? When can I expect delivery? Expect one word answers, though her replies to emails quickly.

  2. He is painting my "Lucy" a deep metallic red right now. I agree with the communication comments. His work is lovely and he does a very thorough job. Pearl is gorgeous...

  3. Thanks, Collette. I'm very happy with her!