Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SAQA Benefit Auction Quilts - 309 Little Masterpieces

The SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Benefit Auction begins September 12th, and the 12"square quilts can be previewed at http://www.saqa.com/news.php?ID=1791.  There will be 309 one foot square works of art available for your collection.  Take a look at them all, but I've added here a few of my favorites.

Lynn Welsch's sun washed  "Acoma Pueblo" takes me back to a visit to
this amazing native American living museum. She's gotten the light absolutely as I remember it. 

Linda Miller's "Striations" has wonderful line and really amazing texture (I've seen it in person!) her technique for the gilded "pebbles" is pretty clever.....

Kathleen Murphy's "Rain in May" - what a superbly graphic composition! The whole thing is so atmospheric...

Nancy Turbitt's "Girasole"
What amazingly whimsical sunflowers. Love the buttons!

I am always enamored with Betty Busby's work and I especially love the armadillo and the use of fabric alone to delineate the cactus.

Pat Gould's "Rockhopper" utterly charms me. He  (she?) has so much character.  I love the contrast between the bird and the stone background.

Sherry Kleinman's "2011 Year of the Rabbit" is done with water soluble crayons and colored pencils on artist canvas.  She's acheived some amazingly realistic fur on the rabbit and great saturated color....

And lastly, my own "Poppy Love" - watercolor pencils, crayons,
needle felting, beads and a three dimensional thread painted butterfly.

I'll post more of these soon..... Save your pennies for the auction in September!


  1. Thanks for including my piece in your favorites! I have to say we have similar taste:) Your piece is beautiful, great colors and the butterfly looks real!

  2. As a member of SAQA I've always enjoyed the Benefit Auction...it is a chance to see the diversity of many quilt artists all in one place. So interesting + a great fundraiser for SAQA! My Best, joni